Empowering People Through Yoga and Meditation


Welcome to Lindsay Gibson! My mission is to help you feel strong and powerful in your body and through this empowerment feel good about yourself, more centered, and appreciative of the world around you. Since a young age I was compelled to share my nascent knowledge about the human body and the healing power of movement. Over thirty years I have evolved my own methodology from my in depth studies of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and so many other movement genres and became an expert in Therapeutic Yoga. I share with my teachers and students my love of learning and my passion to heal. I strive to make yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training available to a wide and diverse population. I specialize in Therapeutic yoga and movement and am devoted to helping those in pain grow and heal.​​​​​​​


Lindsay looks for the intrinsic goodness in all of our students, all things, and within ourselves. In her yoga instruction she strives to attend to each unique individual. With a joyful heart she teaches everybody in our small classes, therapeutic classes, workshops, and private instruction. Here, there is no standardized yoga practice. Each student must find his/her own way to yoga asanas. Movements in every pose are carefully coordinated with the breath to guide students inward. She is committed to empowering her students, building self awareness, and sharing her knowledge of neuromuscular alignment in a playful and lighthearted atmosphere.


With over twenty five years of teaching experience, Lindsay expertly guides you through a transformational journey of meditation through the practical application of modern science and the healing arts of the East. You'll learn how simple techniques and exercises can make you happier, reflective rather than reflexive, gain focus and help you make better decisions. The power of meditation will change your life forever.

You'll gain the confidence to implement a long-lasting and powerful daily meditation practice. Lindsay covers a variety of techniques, so you can discover which ones work best for your lifestyle. The right way to meditate is to start. You can eliminate stress and discontent from your life with meditation and Lindsay will guide you on your journey.